Sex Trafficking in Hawaii: How Ho'ola Na Pua is Making a Difference
Jan 17, 2019 12:00 PM
Jody Allione, Co-Founder, Ho`ola NaPua
Sex Trafficking in Hawaii: How Ho'ola Na Pua is Making a Difference

As a Co-Founder, Jody Allione was primarily responsible for the siting of Ho`ola Na Pua’s Pearl Haven Special Treatment Facility for underage girls rescued from sex trafficking. In early 2012, she attended Colors, a Hillsong sponsored Women’s Social Justice Conference in Australia, and became aware of the problem of sex trafficking. She soon became involved in helping to address this problem in Hawaii and met the team that was looking for a site for a residential treatment facility for young girls. She located the site, permitted, and coordinated the design of Pearl Haven, that is now under construction.

Her career has been primarily developing large renewable energy projects in Hawaii, responsible for site acquisition, community interaction, licensing strategy and contracting, so she was well suited for this undertaking. She works closely with communities to develop projects that will integrate with the goals of the community and state.
She is part of the Ho’ola Na Pua outreach team to raise community awareness of sex trafficking.

Background Information:
BS from the School of Engineering at Clarkson University
MBA from Pepperdine