Today we held our 52nd Annual Al Wonder Christmas Party for our special ARC Wahiawa family.  This tradition was started back in 1967 when, President, at that time, J. Al Wonder (1967-68) and the hosted a Christmas party for the ARC clients.

The Rotary Club of Wahiawa-Waialua were also instrumental in building the Wahiawa ARC facility.

Wahiawa office was opened 20+ years ago and has been providing care to about 54 clients. Some live at home, others live in foster homes. For the past 18 years, the facility has been in the capable hands of Renee Subee.
What a day! What a party, what a terrific MC, Rene Mansho made!!  The atmosphere was filled with love, music, song, kindness, joy, and CHRISTmas!  The true feeling of Christmas filled the Dot’s Pineapple Lounge, which was decked with great decorations. Members outdid themselves with the table decorations. Everything was done to perfection. One of the things that made this year’s party such a success is the hard work of Marie Abatayo, Kate Butts, Mansho and PP Lilette Subedi, and all those that assisted in setting up early.  Members reported to Dots at 9:00 to start decorating the room, delivering cakes, and decorating the tables.
What made this Golden +2 Al Wonder Christmas Party so very special was the support we received from the community, like Walmart Mililani, Waialua High School STEM and Robotics Team, led by Glenn Lee, and other team staff, ARC Wahiawa Staff, and of course, Dot’s and Marian’s Catering.
Mililani Walmart Store donated $1,500 in support of our Al Wonder Christmas party.  This is the third year they supported our Club. Seni Kaseli loves what we
do, Mililani Walmart graciously contributed the check with cheer and goodwill form the Mililani store.
Our guests arrived in special vans driven by ARC staff members.  As the guests entered the Pineapple Lounge, they were all presented with special handcrafted Christmas lei made by members PP Lilette Subedi. These special lei were placed around their neck of our special guests by our special elves.
Once the guests were seated, we started off by singing Christmas Carols with our guests joining in.  After all were warmed up, our special elves and club served the guests with a great chicken lunch and two special cakes for desert.  The food was well received by all.
We shared more Christmas carols with our special guests, with some of them joining in the fun up front with Club members and elves, making up this special choir. 
When we finished caroling, Santa Kool (Doc Carver Wilcox) came out swinging and dancing to, “Here Comes Santa Clause.” This, of course, brought the house down with cheers, shouts, and laughter.  After Santa finished his break dancing, he, with the help of our darling elves, handed out gifts to all the special ARC guests. As names were called out, you could hear excited cheers, yells, and screams of Joy!
Thanks to the hard work of our many members and friends, our 52st Annual Al Wonder Christmas party was a complete success.  All our guests had the time of their lives, with a personal greeting and receiving gifts from Santa! The decorations were great and festive. The food was most excellent, and the fellowship was unbelievable!  We all had a wonderful and joyful time spreading the Love of Christmas and celebrating the Reason for the Season!  We are looking forward to our 53nd Al Wonder Christmas Party!
Thanks to Marie Abatayo and dear friend, Joan Kutaka, who shopped for the presents and wrapped them all, and to Kate Butts working hard to get us under the D5K’s 501(c)3 umbrella.