Alex Kanamu is serving his second term as president of the Rotary Club of Wahiawa-Waialua, which is even more admirable because he has been a member of the RCWW for only 4 years. Prior to being president, he was the chair of the Membership Committee. He has been a resident of Wahiawa for 29 years and is the owner of Highway Response, a towing company that is family-owned and run.  Alex said that he initially got involved in Rotary because he enjoyed talking to people who had nothing to do with his business. 
In addition to his involvement with Rotary, Alex is the co-founder of the Whitmore Economic Development Group (WEDG), a community-based organized to help farmers with their agriculture business.  A little known fact about Alex is that he raises and breeds miniature bulldogs as a hobby. Please visit our regular meetings at noon on Thursdays at Dot's in Wahiawa and meet Alex in person!