On Friday evening, October 4th, members and one Hubby, Mike Butts (12), from the RC of Wahiawa-Waialua, held their annual Dictionary Project labeling party.  The party was held at Kate Butt’s house that had a humongous garage to do the labeling in.  The labeling party consisted of attaching two labels, one the 4-Way Test, the other with, “This dictionary is donated by the Rotary Club of Wahiawa-Waialua”, to the inside covers of 912 dictionaries, which will be handed out to all the 3rd graders in the Wahiawa-Waialua-North Shore area and, as far as Sunset Beach.
We were joined by visiting Rotarian, Charles CharlieKocher of the RC of Brookings Harbor, Southern Oregon, and his lovely Wife,
We started off the event with a delicious potluck dinner that all contributed to. We ate so much of the great food, we had to really force ourselves to work! When we finished our dinner, we headed to the garage to start labeling the dictionaries.  We labeled 912 dictionaries in just 40 minutes while listening to vintage Hawaiian music. This is a Club record!
History:  This project started from a shared dream between two Rotarians. In 2001 it became a Matching Grant project between India D3150 and five clubs in Southern Colorado lead by the Lamar Rotary club. These five Rotary clubs distributed 1800 books the first year. Since our start, over 128 service clubs, including Rotary, Lion's, Kiwanis and Sertoma clubs in Sixteen states and American Samoa participated and distributed 450,000 hard-cover dictionaries worth over $9,000,000!
This is one of our clubs’ special programs because we provide third grad students with their very own dictionary. A dictionary they can use throughout their elementary school years.  We visit each school, tell the students what Rotary and our Club is about, personally hand the dictionaries out to the students, with assistance from their teachers. After the dictionaries are handed out, we play some fun games with the dictionaries, and challenge the students to look up words such as integrity, honesty, etc.  When the fun is over, we explain what the 4-Way test is, that it is what Rotarians live by, then we have them recite it. It's a wonderfully rewarding experience...if you'd like to join us, drop us a line!