Feb 07, 2019 12:00 PM
Bryan Cheplic, Communications Manager, WGH
Wahiawa General: Strategies to meet organizational objectives

Bryan is responsible for identifying, developing, communicating and managing information for Wahiawa General Hospital (WGH) as well as marketing WGH’s activities and events. Develop, establish and maintain marketing strategies to meet organizational objectives and effective management of the marketing, advertising and promotional activities of WGH. Also responsible for the operational details and tactical work plan of WGH’s offerings, products, and related programs to assure a creative, cost effective, and coordinated experience that delivers timely, consistent and aligned products and services. Partners with the CEO and WGH Leadership team for follow through of relevant work plans and products, and program quality assurance.

Ensure efficient and timely dissemination of information, both in hard copy and electronic formats, serving as the editor of WGH publications, and ensuring the timely production, dissemination and web posting of newsletters, special reports, and brochures.

About Wahiawa General Hospital:
Wahiawa General Hospital is a community-owned, non-profit hospital serving Wahiawa and the communities of Central Oahu and the North Shore. Wahiawa General is proud to serve as the community’s most comprehensive healthcare facility.

The goal is to make Wahiawa General Hospital the healthcare provider of choice for Central Oahu and the North Shore by providing a continuum of healthcare services that enables residents to improve their health status. WGH works to provide enhanced facilities, technology, and equipment for its patients. WGH continually strives to recruit and retain a highly skilled workforce and excellent physician partners